Gozzer Ranch Infrastructure Improvements will further optimize drinking water services in these areas and are required for the District to continue to operate per current Idaho Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems. These improvements are financed through a revenue bond approved by the District electorate on November 3, 2020.   

Provided below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the improvement projects, debt service assessments, and timelines for project completion.

What are the projects?  How are debt service assessments billed?    

As per Board-approved Resolution 20-18, Section 7, the revenue bond approved by the District electorate on November 3, 2020 “will be payable solely out of rates and charges, and all other income, earnings, and revenue from Gozzer Ranch and Arrow Point service areas.”

The $5.8 million revenue bond funds two separate improvement projects directly benefiting the Gozzer Ranch and Arrow Point service areas. The monthly debt service assessment to customers in these service areas is calculated based on the improvement benefit received as described below:

Gozzer Ranch Drinking Water System Improvements

Construction of the drinking water infrastructure improvement project, driven by updated 2015 International Fire Code fire flow capacity requirements within the Gozzer service area, is underway.  As fire flow is provided to customers through the potable water system supplied by Lake Coeur d’Alene, potable surface water treatment components will be upgraded to supply additional capacity.  The existing slow sand filtration treatment system will be upsized to a pre-adsorption clarifier direct filtration treatment system.  The pumping capacity of treated water to the service area will be upsized to meet increased fire flow requirements.  Current engineering estimates for the completion of these required improvements is $6.6 million.  

On April 6, 2023 the District Board of Directors held a rate hearing to review options for funding the project budget deficit and receive input from customers.  Following closure of the hearing, the Board of Directors approved a temporary 15-month access rate increase to Gozzer Ranch active water customers to fund the project budget shortfall.

The annual debt service for repayment of this portion of the revenue bond is divided among all actively served connections east of Highway 97, which includes customers directly benefiting from these improvements. The Gozzer water treatment project is scheduled for completion in late spring 2024. 

Arrow Point Wastewater System Improvements

The Arrow Point wastewater collection system improvements were completed in February 2023. Improvements were completed under budget, and Arrow Point customers have paid for the cost of the project through debt service payments.

Information on the Gozzer Ranch water system improvement debt service assessment and annual re-evaluation.  

The pro-rata monthly debt service charge is calculated annually each October to distribute the debt service equitably among active water service connections on the Gozzer Ranch system. District rates are available on our website: nkwsd.com   

Who do I call if I have questions or comments?

District staff may be reached directly at 208-687-6593.

Comments may also be emailed to the District at [email protected]

Gozzer Water Treatment Plant Improvements – November 2023