About North Kootenai Water District

A Board of Directors, elected by members of the water district, operates North Kootenai Water District. Each Board Member is elected to a six-year term.

Board Meeting Schedule

The Board of Directors meet the first and third Thursday of each month (except holidays), at 12:30 p.m., in the office of the District located at 13649 North Meyer Road, Rathdrum ID 83858.

Board Members

  • Tom Crimmins, Director/President
  • Curt Carney, Director/Secretary
  • Thomas Gwin, Director/Treasurer
  • Jack Hern, Director/Vice President
  • Scott Shellman, Director

The members of the Board are elected, or appointed, for six year terms which will expire as follows:

  • Curt Carney…………………05/16/2029
  • Tom Crimmins…………….05/20/2025
  • Thomas Gwin ……………..05/20/2027
  • Jack Hern……………………05/18/2027
  • Scott Shellman…………….05/18/2027

Office Staff

  • Paul Tucker, District Manager
  • Suzanne Scheidt, Chief Operating Officer
  • Karen Howell, Office Supervisor
  • Robin Potts, Senior Customer Service Specialist
  • Dina Van Gelder, Customer Service Specialist II
  • Paula Roukema, Customer Service Specialist I

Field Staff

  • Dave Duthie, Operations Supervisor

Water Dept.

  • Jared Felton, GIS Specialist
  • Joe Lutes, Construction Maintenance II
  • Keenan Olenslager, Water and Wastewater II
  • Robert Bush, Water and Wastewater II
  • Jack Armstrong, Water and Wastewater I
  • Colter Ray, Water and Wastewater I

Wastewater Dept.

  • Jim Lund, Wastewater Operator III

Electrical Dept:

  • Dustin Veneklasen, Journeyman Electrician

Quiet Heroes of Your Water District

Colter Ray

Colter Ray started his employment with North Kootenai in October of 2023. He has his Water Distribution 1 from working with the City of Coeur d’Alene and recently received his Water Treatment 1. Colter has years of experience in road construction, operating heavy equipment and water main line repair and installation. When he isn’t working,…
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Dave Duthie

He is currently the Operations Supervisor. Mr. Duthie is a journeyman electrician and holds a Drinking Water Distribution II license. He oversees the daily field operations in water, water treatment, wastewater treatment, and SCADA.
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Dina Van Gelder

Ms. Van Gelder manages the fire hydrant meter rentals for construction and government entities. She is responsible for the District’s billing program including delinquent notifications along with payment processing and customer assistance.
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Dustin Veneklasen

Mr. Veneklasen is a journeyman electrician and holds Drinking Water Distribution I and Backflow Assembly Tester licenses. Mr. Veneklasen is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of electrical systems and pumping equipment.
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Jim Lund

Jim has been in the wastewater industry for 17 years and currently holds a Level 3 Collection and Treatment, he is the current Operator in charge of Gozzer Ranch Membrane Treatment Plant.

Karen Howell

Karen is the Office Supervisor.  Karen holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Lewis-Clark State College and graduated magna cum laude. 
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Keenan Olenslager

In a short time, Mr. Olenslager has received licenses in Drinking Water Distribution I, Drinking Water Treatment I, Wastewater Collection I and Wastewater Treatment OIT (Operator in Training). His current title is Water and Sewer Maintenance I. On Keenans off-time, he enjoys hunting and fishing adventures with his kids and his younger brother.
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Paul Tucker

Mr. Tucker comes to North Kootenai Water and Sewer District as a certified water/wastewater professional with 30 years’ experience in economic infrastructure.
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Paula Roukema

She began working with the District in September of 2022 and holds the title of Customer Service I.  She is the District’s first point of contact and assists customers with payment options, financial assistance, leak detection, etc.
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Robert Bush

Mr. Bush came to the District with a background in construction.  He has worked in every area of the field and is currently using his skills to update the District’s GIS mapping system and line locating practices.
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Robin Potts

She works with customers and/or contractors wanting new water and sewer connections. She manages the radio-read meter replacement program and was instrumental in the start-up of the District’s backflow program.
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Suzanne Scheidt

Suzanne began her career in public health protection at the age of 8 as her father’s junior research assistant on his master’s thesis involving a contaminated landfill on the coast of New Jersey.   Shortly after college, she was fortunate to get her foot in the door with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality’s, Coeur d’Alene Regional Office Drinking Water Program. 
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