Precautionary Do Not Drink Advisory for Hayden Haven Gem Shores Water Users

NKWD was notified by DEQ staff today that cyanotoxins have been detected in areas of Hayden Lake.  Because your health is important to us, we are testing our treated water for the presence of cyanotoxins and expect to receive results by Friday, July 30th which we will post on our website.  In the interim, you may choose to consume bottled water as a precautionary health protection measure.   Boiling water is not an adequate method to remove cyanotoxins.   We will be updating this website as new information becomes available.

Additional information on other recreational precautions are provided via press release from Panhandle Health District at: panhandlehealthdistrict.org


UPDATE – We have received the lab results for the East Season’s depressurization on July 23rd.  The results were absent of total coliform bacteria.

Pressure Loss – On July 23rd, we experienced a loss in pressure on the East Season’s water system due to a loss in power caused by a wildfire in the area.  The pressure has been restored and lab samples have been taken to ensure our water supply is not subject to contamination.  You may choose to consume bottled water or boil your water as a safety precaution until sample results are analyzed by the local laboratory.  We will update this website as soon as we receive the results.  


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