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Update Ohio Match Estates the boil water advisory has been lifted as of June 28th! Please click here to learn more.

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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

“The mission of the North Kootenai Water District is to provide affordable, reliable, and safe water resources to our customers.”

“We strive to achieve this through professional management, fiscal responsibility, customer satisfaction, governmental compliance and conservation. We do this in the public’s trust, while protecting the water quality of our greater community.”

Vision Statement

The North Kootenai Water District Board’s vision is to achieve customer satisfaction while providing our employees a workplace environment that enhances performance, resulting in achievement of District goals and mission.

Service Areas

Serving fifteen individual water systems with
non contiguous boundaries within a two hundred
square mile area.

  • Atlas Acres
  • Chilco Service Area
  • East Seasons Acres
  • Gozzer Ranch
  • Hayden Haven Gem Shores
  • Hayden Orchards
  • Hayden Pines Grouse Meadows
  • Hillside Service Area
  • Honeysuckle Hills (served by Hillside Service Area)
  • Meadowland Acres
  • Mountain View Terrace
  • Ohio Match Estates
  • Ranch Valley
  • Rimrock Service Area
  • Twin Lakes Service Area
  • Valley Green

Current and Future Projects

Rusty corrugated metal fence showing signs of deterioration and weathering.

Hillside – Clarkview Tank

The Clarkview Tank supplies pressurized water service and fire flow to the Clarkview distribution zone of the Hillside Service Area system.   Previous attempts by the District to address significant leaks in the concrete tank had been unsuccessful, and replacement of the tank was estimated at 1.5 million. 
READ MORE Hillside – Clarkview Tank

Our Story

North Kootenai Water and Sewer District’s origins began with our community’s vote to form a non-profit water district to acquire nine local privately owned water systems. The ballot measure was driven by customers seeking improved water service. In 1998, District customers approved a second ballot measure to purchase the nine systems and fund much-needed improvements.

The community service principles the District was founded on continue to drive us as we have grown to serve over 13,000 people throughout Kootenai County through 15 individual water systems and one wastewater system.

The District’s Mission Statement is to provide affordable, reliable, and safe water sources to our customers. We strive to achieve this through professional management, fiscal responsibility, customer satisfaction, governmental compliance, and conservation. We do this in the public’s trust while protecting the greater water quality of our community. It’s what we do.


Quiet Heroes of Public Health Protection

As a water or wastewater system operator, how many lives do you touch every day?” This is a question trainer Mary Howell often asks operators. When Suzanne Scheidt worked with water system operators throughout North Idaho in her prior career with IDEQ, she often referred to them as the quiet heroes of public health protection

When we excel in our responsibility to the community to provide safe drinking water, no one should notice we are there.

Read Stories of Your Quiet Heroes of Public Health Protection

Answers to
Important Questions

To report a water outage, please contact our office at 208-687-6593. If it is after business hours, your report will be received by our answering service, and the on-call District staff person will be notified immediately.

The District will provide rebates to customers who provide acceptable proof of expenditure of funds, as described in the program description, for the purchase and use of approved instruments to assist in water conservation (Resolution 2008-15, adopted 05/01/08).

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