WHEREAS, North Kootenai Water District did legally advertise for bids for that certain project entitled “Lancaster Well Project Drilling of 16-Inch Well for North Kootenai Water District, Kootenai County, Idaho” in the Coeur d'Alene Press, a newspaper of general circulation, on March 29, 2002, and on April 5, 2002, as required by Idaho State law, and,


WHEREAS, at the appointed hour of bid public opening no bids were received, and,


WHEREAS, the project has been determined by the Board of Directors to be necessary to the efficient and continued operation of North Kootenai Water District, and,


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of North Kootenai Water District is hereby authorized to negotiate a contract for said drilling of 16-inch well per the approved plans and specifications.








                                                                        Dated this _______ day of April, 2002.

                                                                        North Kootenai Water District

                                                                        Kootenai County, Idaho





                                                                        Donald E. Vandeberg, President








Maimie Moore, Secretary of the Board