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            Board of Directors


                        Don Vandeberg, Chairman

                        Maimie Moore, Secretary

                        Jack Berger

                        Linda Davis

                        Dean Kastens



            District Manager


                        Richard Fairhurst



            District Engineer


                        Welch Comer & Assoc., Inc.

                        1626 Lincoln Way         

                        Coeur d’Alene ID 83814



            District Counsel


                        Robert Covington

                        8884 N. Government Way, Suite A

                        Hayden ID 83835



            These specifications approved and adopted by North Kootenai Water District Resolution      No.                                on                                                 , 2003.

North Kootenai Water District

Resolution #2003-         



A Resolution Establishing Standards For The Construction Of Improvements To The Water System.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the North Kootenai Water District, that;


This Resolution shall be known, and shall be cited, as the Standard Water Specifications Resolution, and, be it further RESOLVED, that;



North Kootenai Water District, Idaho, hereby adopts the “IDAHO STANDARDS FOR PUBLIC WORKS CONSTRUCTION, 2002 EDITION” latest revision, as the standard specifications to cover the general methods of constructing water system improvements, extensions, replacements and associated water works facilities.


Each specific project is intended to be supported by supplementary drawings and specifications of special conditions, which may include, but is not limited to, the following:


a.         method of measurement and payment

b.         special conditions

c.         special structures, such as tanks and reservoirs, pumping plants, regulators, fire services, large water services, etc.

d.         encroachment permits from Hayden, Hayden Lake, Kootenai County, Lakes or Post Falls Highway District, State of Idaho, Burlington Northern Santa Fe and/or Pacific Gas & Electric where each has jurisdiction

e.         special crossings of streams, bridges, and railroads

f.           special concerns at easements

g.         easements or rights-of-way to be acquired


The adoption of the “IDAHO STANDARDS FOR PUBLIC WORKS CONSTRUCTION” shall include the following deletions, additions, and revisions:



       “District” shall mean the North Kootenai Water District, 1841 W. Hayden Avenue, P.O. Box 2290, Hayden, Idaho 83835.

       “District Manager” shall mean the General Manager of the North Kootenai Water District, acting personally or through assistants acting within the scope of the particular duties entrusted to them.




       1.     Compaction test results, when available, shall be immediately forwarded to the District Manager.


       2.     Bacteriological tests shall be taken from new water mains by the contractor at times and places approved and in the presence of the District Manager or his/her representative and the results, when available, shall be immediately forwarded to the District.



3.         All work performed on public water system improvements shall be done by firms or individuals who possess a valid IDAHO PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACTORS LICENSE as required by Title 54, Chapter 19, Idaho code as amended, “The Public Works Contractors License Act”, or, by District employees.


       4.     Plans and specifications for water system improvements that will be owned or maintained by the District shall be stamped by a professional engineer licensed by the State of Idaho and reviewed and approved by the District Manager, District Engineer, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and, if required, Panhandle Health District.


       5.     Before a project will be accepted as completed, the Developer/Project Engineer shall provide to the District a “Project Completion Checklist” with each item on the checklist completed to the sole satisfaction of the District.


6.         Paragraph 5.04/B/1 of Division 100-General Conditions shall include the following:


               The contractor shall not begin work in any public right-of-way or easement until he/she has obtained all the insurance as required below and satisfactory proof of such insurance has been submitted to and approved by the District Manager.  Such insurance shall contain a provision preventing cancellation without ten (10) days prior written notice to the District.  The District, its officers, agents and employees shall be named as additional insured on all insurance policies.  The Contractor shall not allow any sub-contractor to begin work on his/her sub-contract until the insurance required of the sub-contractor has been obtained.  Certificates evidencing the issuance of the following insurance shall be filed with the District before work begins.


               TYPE OF COVERAGE                                                LIMITS OF LIABILITY

               Workers Compensation and Employers

               Liability                                                                       Statutory


               Comprehensive general liability which shall                    Bodily Injury $1,000,000 each

               include, or be endorsed to include, the following:            accident;


               a)       Cross Liability Coverage                                    

               b)       Blanket Contractual Liability                                Property Damage

               c)       Contractor’s Protective Liability                           $500,000 each occurrence

               d)       Products and Completed Operations                    $1,000,000 aggregate

               e)       Broad form Property Damage

               f)        XCU Property Damage Liability

               g)       Automobile Liability Insurance                             Bodily Injury

                        covering all automobiles, trucks,                          $1,000,000 each accident

                        tractors, trailers, or other automotive

                        equipment whether owned or rented by               

                        the Contractor, or employees of the                     Property Damage

                        Contractor.                                                        $500,000 each accident


The Contractor shall pay the premiums thereon and maintain such insurance in effect until the completion of the work.  The contractor shall agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the District from and against any and all liability for loss, damage or expense which the District may suffer or for which the District may be held liable by reason of injury (including death) to any person or damage to any property arising out of or in any manner connected with the work under this contract whether or not due in whole or in part to any act, omission, or negligence of the District or any of its representatives or employees together with any and all attorney’s fees incurred by owner on account thereof.


7.         Minimum nominal pipe diameter for water mains shall be eight inches (8”) unless otherwise approved by the District Manager.


8.         Minimum cover over pipes shall be forty-eight inches (48”).


9.         12 gauge locating wire taped to the pipe every five feet (5’) shall be required on all non-metallic buried water mains and water services that are not installed 90°  to the water main.


10.      Install vinyl tape marked “water below” three feet (3’) directly above all buried water pipes.


11.      Locking style valve box lids and meter box lids are not required.


12.      Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fittings are not allowed.


13.      Bedding for non-metallic pipe shall be pea gravel or coarse sand.


14.      Fire hydrants and resilient seat gate valves shall be Waterous, Mueller or pre-approved equal.


15.      Minimum water service shall be 1” iron pipe size polyethylene (200 class) and shall have a radio read water meter approved by the District.


16.      Only water service pipe as described in Section 404/2.2/A will be allowed.


17.      Delete drawing SD-401 and SD-401M.


18.      Delete drawing SD-402 and SD-402M.


19.      Delete drawing SD-404 and SD 404M.


20.      Delete drawing SD-408 and SD-408M.


21.      On drawings SD-406, and SD-406M, replace concrete collar with three inch (3”) thick asphaltic concrete and set top of valve box 1/4” below finish grade.


22.      Add drawing SD-409, water service.


23.      Add drawing SD-410, fire hydrant.


24.      Hours of work shall be between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excepting District defined holidays.  Work at other times may be allowed only with prior written approval by the District Manager.


25.      One spring loaded, bolt-on six-foot tall fire hydrant marker, as manufactured by Hydra-Shield Mfg., Irving TX, or approved equal, shall be installed on the base of each fire hydrant.


26.      Forty-eight (48) hour advance notice shall be given to North Kootenai Water District (772-3619) before construction on the water system improvements begins and before any required shut downs of the operating water system.


27.      Operation of valves or other components of the existing water system shall be done only by District personnel.


This Resolution becomes effective upon passage and replaces all Resolutions, Ordinances, and Policies, or portions thereof, that may be in conflict with this Resolution




Dated this          day of                          , 2003

North Kootenai Water District

Kootenai County, Idaho