North Kootenai Water District

Board Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2011 – 12:30 p.m.


A.      Call to Order/Roll Call:


       Meeting called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Crimmins. 


       Present:                 Tom Crimmins, President

                                    Alanna Grimm, Director

Jack Hern, Director

                                    Jim Omerso, Director/Treasurer

                                    Shirley Stoller, Director/Vice President


       Staff Present:        Mike Galante, District Manager

                                    Phil Boyd, P.E., District Engineer

                                    Robin Potts, Accounts Specialist


       Excused:                           Brian Werst, District Attorney


Visitors:                 None


B.    Consent Agenda:


        Minutes of 04/21/11 Board Meeting


Motion made to accept Consent Agenda.


Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second. 

Motion approved unanimously.


C.      Oral Communications:




D.      Written Communications:


1.     Mike Galante had received a request from Matt Swenson of MDM for payment to replace a customer’s hot water tank on Avondale Loop.  It was decided to hand this over to the District’s insurance company.


2.     Director Crimmins received a letter from the Loch Haven Hills Homeowners Association regarding quality of service.  Mr. Galante is to contact Keith Chambers, President of the Association.


E.      Treasury Report: 


Director Omerso will present at the next Board meeting.


F.      Employee Matters:




G.     District Attorney – Brian Werst:




H.      District Engineer – Phil Boyd, P.E.:


1.    Project Status


A written report was e-mailed to the Board members and handed out at the meeting by Mr. Boyd. This report is available at the District office. 


2.     Pay Requests/Change Orders


Mr. Boyd explained that the Echo Beach Booster Station was incomplete.  Painting needs to be redone. Also, Lawrence Construction had placed a hose bib in a different position than where the plans had called for it to be placed.  This decreased the amount of material used, saving $175.


Motion was made to accept Change Order #4, minus $175 to Lawrence Construction.


Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


Motion was made to accept Pay Request #5 to pay Lawrence Construction $4,028.15, holding $2,000 until project is complete.


Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


3.     Avondale Phase 2


Mr. Boyd presented Task Order No. 11-03 and requested it be approved.

Motion made to accept Task Order No. 11-03.


Director Hern – motion, Director Omerso – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


Mr. Boyd and Mr. Galante reported on increases in PVC pipe and new meter costs. In order to save the District approximately $4,000 in meter costs, a motion was made to authorize Mr. Galante to send a purchase order to the supplier in the amount of $40,335 to hold the cost of new meters.


Director Hern – motion, Director Omerso – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


4.     Chilco Improvements


Information was received from Mr. Boyd on the water line extension down Highway 95 and the possibilities of having the water line cross Highway 95 and extend down Chilco Road.


I.       District Manager – Mike Galante


1.     Resolution 2011-04


Mr. Galante explained that the Debt Service and Sewer Fees had been omitted from the typed Resolution 2011-04 and the corrections were being addressed in Resolution 2011-06.


Motion was made to adopt Resolution 2011-06.


Director Stoller – motion, Director Omerso – second.

Individual Vote – Ayes – Directors Crimmins, Grimm, Hern, Omerso and Stoller.

Nayes – None.

Motion approved.


2.     e-Bill/e-Pay


New customer payment and bill receipt options were presented to the Board along with initial costs involved and District savings that will occur because of these changes.


Motion made to begin e-Bill/e-Pay procedures.


Director Grimm – motion, Director Omerso – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


3.     Merchant Services


Mr. Galante had given the contract for the new merchant services company, Certified Payments, to Brian Werst and reported that Mr. Werst had no major concerns.  After discussion, a motion was made to have Mr. Galante sign the contract with Certified Payments.


Director Hern – motion, Director Omerso – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


4.     Bank Service Charges


Mr. Galante will bring information to the Board at the next meeting.


5.     Office Property Acquisition


Mr. Galante had no information from Del Kerr. Mr. Galante had been contacted by another prospect and will be meeting with the property owner’s representative.


6.     Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Well (MVWDW)


Estimated cost to have well tested is $1,450.  Allwest Testing is coming next week.


7.     Chilco Booster Station Project


The Board gave approval to use Mitigation funds to hire outside contractors to build onto the Chilco Booster Station because of the current staff shortage.


8.     4-S Ranch


Will have something at next meeting.


J.      Board Members:




K.      Adjournment:


Motion made to adjourn meeting at 3:25 p.m.


Director Hern – motion, Director Shirley - second.

Motion approved unanimously.





Alanna Grimm