North Kootenai Water District

Board Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2011 – 12:30 p.m.



A.      Call to Order/Roll Call:


       Meeting called to order at 12:33 p.m. by President Crimmins. 


       Present:                 Tom Crimmins, Director/President

                                    Jack Hern, Director

                                    Jim Omerso, Director/Treasurer

                                    Shirley Stoller, Director/Vice President


       Staff Present:        Phil Boyd, P.E., Welch Comer

                                    Brian Werst, K&L Gates


       Excused:               Alanna Grimm, Director/Secretary

                                    Mike Galante, District Manager



B.    Consent Agenda:


1.      Minutes of 01/06/11 Board Meeting

2.      Financial Statements for November & December 2010


Motion made to Consent Agenda.

Director Stoller – motion, Director Omerso – second.  Motion approved unanimously.


C.      Oral Communications:




D.      Written Communications:




E.      Treasury Report: 


Hold to next meeting.


F.      Employee Matters: 




G.     District Attorney – Brian Werst, K&L Gates:


1.      Executive Session:


       Into Executive Session at 12:44 p.m. (Idaho Code 67-2345f)

       Director Stoller – motion, Director Omerso – second. 

       Motion approved unanimously.

       Out of Executive Session at 2:06 p.m.


2.      Late Comers Agreement – The Falls at Hayden:


Agreement in principle.


3.      Resolution – Bulk Purchases:


Motion to accept Resolution 2011-01; Bulk purchases over $5,000 to be capitalized.


       Director Stoller – motion, Director Omerso – second. 

       Motion approved unanimously.


H.      District Engineer – Necia Maiani, P.E., Welch Comer:


1.      Project Status: 


a.      GTE:  Awaiting submittal of the final approved Operation & Maintenance Manuals from the Contractor.


b.      Lancaster 4:  District Manager & District Engineer to meet with H2O Well Service on 01/21/11 to discuss the pump amperage issue.


c.      Avondale/Pt. Hayden Waterlines:  District Staff in communication with MDM’s attorney to attempt resolving this matter.


d.      Echo Beach: Interior Painting completed.  Preliminary punch list to be completed by Contractor this week.  Start-up will be scheduled once Telemetry is completed.


e.      Springrock Booster Station:  All three BoosterpaQ’s have been delivered.  Kootenai Electric Co. (KEC) is currently working to extend three phase power to the site.  KEC has encountered a blockage in the conduit which they anticipate will delay their schedule.  Once three phase power is available at the site the two-week shutdown will be scheduled (during which the pumps and piping will be installed).


Motion made to upgrade Wonderware Software, $4,200.00.


              Director Omerso – motion, Director Stoller – second. 

              Motion approved unanimously.


f.       Avondale Phase 2:  Welch Comer has presented estimated costs for full road width improvements, in segments of the project, to Lakes Highway District (LHD) for their further consideration.  LHD plans to review these estimates next week.


Welch Comer is currently in the process of drafting the new waterline.  They anticipate completion of the bid package and submittal to DEQ in mid to late February.    Bidding may then commence in March with an anticipated Notice to Proceed with construction in May.  The construction window will likely be May through September.  The project includes approximately 17,000 linear feet of waterline.


g.      Lancaster Waterline (Lancaster Well #1 to Strahorn):  See H4.


h.      Lookout (Grandview) Control Valve Station: Project is on hold until 2012.


i.       Chilco Booster Station:  The original Springrock BoosterpaQ and control panel will be modified and installed at Chilco.  A grant may be available to complete security improvements to the site making this a higher priority project for completion than the Lookout Control Valve.  Welch Comer preparing estimate of the cost to construct a new wood-framed structure to house the BoosterpaQ.  The existing wood-framed structure would be abandoned. 


j.       LP Waterline:  Construction is anticipated to commence in February, weather permitting.


k.      Chilco Waterline:  The ITD managed project is now ready to go out to bid.  Following is a tentative schedule established by ITD (all dates are dependent upon when ITD receives Legislative approval for funding):


·            Project funding awarded – March/April 2011

·            Project bidding – May/June 2011

·            Bid awarded – June/July 2011

·            Utility relocation – August through November 2011

·            Road construction – July through August 2011


l.       Water Rights:  IDWR is waiting for BLM to respond and withdraw protest on the new water right application.


Field examinations will be completed on GTE, Hayden 2 and Lancaster 4 this Fall/Winter.


m.     Cap Fees / Water Rates:  District Manager has provided Welch Comer with budget breakdown.  Welch Comer now working to complete the Cap Fee and Water Rate study.  A presentation of these studies will be provided to the Board in a workshop which will likely be scheduled for mid-February.


n.      Annual Conservation Review:  Welch Comer anticipates completion of the conservation review in February, 2011.


Look into possibility of using Conservation funds to replace high use meters.


2.     Cap Fees / Rate Analysis: 


See H1m above.  Workshop scheduled for February 24, 2011, 11:00 a.m., at the office of Welch Comer Engineers. 


3.     Pay Requests / Change Orders: 


a.      Echo Beach Change Order:  Motion made to approve Change Order #3 for the Echo Beach Booster Station to Lawrence Construction, ($258.86). 


Director Stoller – motion, Director Omerso – second. 

Motion approved unanimously.


b.      Echo Beach Pay Request:  Motion made to approve Pay Request #4 for the Echo Beach Booster Station to Lawrence Construction, $12,916.20.  Representing 96% of contract.


Director Stoller – motion, Director Omerso – second. 

Motion approved unanimously.


c.      Avondale/Pt Hayden Change Order:  Not submitted.


d.      Avondale/Pt Hayden Pay Request:  Not submitted.


4.      Lancaster Task Order:


Motion made to approve Task Order 11-01.


Director Stoller – motion, Director Omerso – second. 

Motion approved unanimously.



I.       District Manager – Mike Galante (Excused):


1.      Employee Health Insurance Program: 


Shop around to solicit other options.


2.      MDM – Avondale/Pt. Hayden Waterline Project:


Discussed in Executive Session.


3.      APCA Tie-In Project:


Waiting to award project.


4.      LP Waterline Project:


Funds have been collected from Bielec Ent.  Waiting on weather to award Notice to Proceed.


5.      Vactor Truck:


               Lost bid to another company.


6.      DEQ Source Water Protection Grant:


               Dan Messier working on Grant.


J.      Board Members: 


1.      Stoller:  Schedule annual Employee/Board Meeting to discuss money saving ideas.  Scheduled for Thursday, February 24, 2011, 8:00 a.m. – 10:000 a.m., at Welch Comer’s office.


2.      Discussed CEDARS/ICS Investment Rates and Cash Flow Schedule.


K.      Adjournment: 


Motion made to adjourn meeting at 3:12 pm.


Director Hern – motion, Director Omerso – second.

Motion approved unanimously.





Jack Hern/Director