North Kootenai Water District


October 7, 2010


Board Meeting Minutes



A.      Call to Order/Roll Call:


      Meeting called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Crimmins. 


       Present:             Tom Crimmins, Director/President

                                 Alanna Grimm, Director/Secretary

                                 Jack Hern, Director

                                 Jim Omerso, Director

                                 Shirley Stoller, Director/Vice President


       Staff:                 Phil Boyd, District Engineer

                                 Mike Galante, District Manager

                                 Mike Ormsby, District Attorney     

                                 Brian Werst, K&L Gates Attorney                          


B.      Consent Agenda:


1.      Minutes of 09/16/10 Board Meeting.


Motion to approve Consent Agenda.


Director Hern – motion, Director Omerso – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


C.      Oral Communications: 




D.      Written Communications:


1.      Dr. Lowry, from Point Hayden, sent a check for Capitalization Fees and Meter Set Fees.  He does not want water until spring.  Past policy directive has been to not take prepaid fees.  Should we send check back or keep it and deposit it?  It was decided that the District will stay consistent with its policy and return the check to Dr. Lowry to decide whether to pay the Capitalization/Meter Set Fees now and pay the monthly fees, or wait and pay the Capitalization/Meter Set Fees when he’s ready for service.


2.      Final Conveyance Agreement with Walmart.


Motion to accept conveyance document and release check for $5,564.00 for 10” main upgrade.


Director Hern – motion, Director Stoller – second. 

Motion approved unanimously.


E.      Treasury Report:




F.      Employee Matters:


Request made for current salary chart.  District Manager will prepare and bring to the 11/18/10 meeting.


G.     District Attorney – Mike Ormsby:


4.      Introduction of Brian Werst, K&L Gates:


Mike Ormsby introduced Brian Werst as his replacement.


1.      Executive Session:


Into Executive Session at 1:17 p.m. (Idaho Code 67-2345f)

Director Hern – motion, Director Omerso – second.

Motion approved unanimously.

Out of Executive Session at 1:27 p.m.


2.      Gozzer 2010 Certification – Acct #1036856-02: 


Funds not collected through escrow, permission granted to write account off as a loss.


       Director Stoller – motion, Director Omerso – second. 

       Motion approved unanimously


3.      Resolution Separating the Secretary/Treasurer Position:


Adopt Resolution 2010-11 to separate the positions of Secretary & Treasurer.


Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


H.      District Engineer – Phil Boyd, P.E.:  (1:50 p.m. – 2:23 p.m.)


1.      Louisiana Pacific RFQ:


Bid to go out to:  Safeco, Buddy’s Backhoe, Lincoln Excavation, and A1 Dirt Work.  Will have results 10/21/10.  Notice to proceed will go out on 10/22/10.


2.      St James Task Order:


East entrance steel waterline replacement from Strahorn to Sherwood Court.  Accept Task Order 10-08.


Director Hern – motion, Director Stoller – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


3.      Project Status:


See Avondale Waterline Milestone status chart, dated 10/07/10, which shows $79,600 interim liquidated damages for MDM Construction.


City of Hayden Lake wants to pave road over broken asphalt instead of building a good foundation.


Board instructs District Manager to have TML Construction rectify deficiency in Hayden 2 and GTE 2 well pumps.


Avondale Project:  Wildflower PRV Station deleted from contract.  District to repair existing Rimrock Road PRV Station.


Punch list for Avondale homeowners to go out.


4.      Avondale Update, Home Owners Punch List, Project Issues:


See H3 above.


Approve Task Order 10-07, Avondale/Point Hayden Amendment to 09-06.


Director Hern – motion, Director Omerso – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


I.       District Manager – Mike Galante (2:23 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.): 


1.      Filter Sand Washer:


       District Manager witnessed filter sand washer in operation.  Unit works well to clean filter sand.  Doe Bay is willing to sell unit once their new filter bed and sand washer are installed and in operation, next year.


2.      Twin Lakes – Lake Line Replacement:


Permit from IDOL has not yet been approved.


3.      Audit Update:


Magnuson McHugh will be performing the audit the week of 11/08/10 – 11/12/10.


4.      PRIMA, 4th Session:


The 4th and final session of PRIMA Risk Management Training is scheduled for October 22nd.  District Manager to attend and report at the 11/04/10 meeting.


5.      Pay Requests/Change Orders:


Springrock Pay Request #1, Booster Station project, to TML construction, $21,823.40, representing 5% of contract earned.


Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


6.      Hayden Canyon:


District Manager directed to pursue for water only, or water and sewer.


J.      Board Members:


Director Stoller conveyed greetings from former Director Richard Fairhurst.


K.      Adjournment:


Meeting adjourned at 3:37 p.m.


       Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second. 

       Motion approved unanimously.






Alanna Grimm

Secretary of the Board/Treasurer