North Kootenai Water District


July 1, 2010

Board Meeting Minutes



A.        Call to Order/Roll Call:


      Meeting called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Crimmins. 


       Present:             Tom Crimmins, Director/President

                                 Alanna Grimm, Director

                                 Jack Hern, Director

                                 Shirley Stoller, Director/Vice President


       Staff Present:      Mike Galante, District Manager

                                 Phil Boyd, District Engineer

                                 Mike Ormsby, District Attorney


B.        Consent Agenda:


1.         Minutes of 06/10/10 Special Board Meeting

2.         Minutes of 06/17/10 Board Meeting


Approve consent agenda with amendment - Director Crimmins & Director Fairhurst 6/17/10 absence was excused.


Director Grimm – motion, Director Hern – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


C.        Oral Communications:


1.         Tom Crimmins – Board Vacancy, Board Secretary-Treasurer Election:


Motion by Director Hern to accept with regrets the resignation of Director Fairhurst.

Director Stoller – second.  Motion approved unanimously.


Motion by Director Stoller to appoint Alanna Grimm as Secretary/Treasurer.

Director Hern – second.  Motion approved unanimously.


NKWD Board vacancy notice to be sent with next billing and post vacancy on the NKWD web site.  Request that letter of interest be sent in by Aug. 6th to verify registered voter status as well as District boundary residency.


D.        Written Communications:


1.     Letter to Gridley on Lynnwood Water and Clagstone Water:


       No discussion.


E.         Treasury Report:


DEQ projects to be itemized in future treasury reports.


F.         Employee Matters:


Comments from suggestion box will be referenced, responded to, and distributed to everyone.


G.        District Attorney – Mike Ormsby:


1.         Executive Session:


Into Executive Session at 2:06 p.m. (Idaho Code 67-2345b/f)

Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


Out of Executive Session at 2:45 p.m.


2.         Resolution Setting Annexation Public Hearing for Squaw Bay:


Annexation Public Hearing for Squaw Bay moved to August 19th due to lack of quorum on August 5th.


Director Hern – motion, Director Stoller – second. 

Motion approved unanimously.


3.         Resolution Setting Fire Hydrant Construction Water Fees:


       Resolution set for August 19th. 


       Director Hern – motion, Director Stoller – second. 

       Motion approved unanimously.


4.         4-S Ranch:


               DEQ is waiting on 4-S Ranch.


5.         APCA Bulk Water Agreement:


       APCA to pay NKWD.  Draft Bulk Water Agreement will be attached to the Will Serve Letter.


H.        District Engineer – Phil Boyd, P.E.:


1.         Project Status:


Lancaster – waiting for water quality test.


Avondale & Point Hayden Waterlines – mainline has been installed along Avon Ave. & Avon Circle.  Testing for this section is underway.   Service complete for Kensington and is progressing along Trafalgar. 


Mainline installation in Strahorn completed 6/30/10.


Hayden Well – working to determine why the well pump does not appear to be operating on its performance curve.  Will be borrowing a clamp on flow meter to do a comparative and determine accuracy.  Landscaping is in process.


GTE – New well pump and booster pumps now operational.


2.         Ela Late Comer Agreement:


       Mr. Ela did not show up to appointment.


3.         Falls at Hayden Lake Late Comers Agreement:


Legal Description changed from 1 lot to 40 lots.  The Falls property is not part of the Late Comer Agreement.  Todd Stam, Aspen Homes, and Mike Galante will be working together on this.



4.         Avondale Project Update:


       Schedule change negotiated to complete project by 10/29/10.



5.         Hillside Service RFQ:


       Welch Comer will meet with District Manager to put together RFQ.


I.           District Manager – Mike Galante:


1.         ACI Contract:


Re-written with attorney changes.  First double casing across Hwy 95 installed.  Lancaster work to begin after Avista work completed.


2.         Honeysuckle View – LID Assessment:


Lots 45 & 46, of Block 5, in Honeysuckle Hills were consolidated into one lot at the formation of the LID and are now a “lot split”.  Nature Conservancy to be contacted to determine their intention on conveyance of their property to Sue Knapple.


3.         Meter Accuracy – Replacement Strategy:


14% loss of water not being read by old meters.  Cost translates to $8,600/month of top 200 users.  Use of the $110,000 budgeted for Radio Read Meters will be used for replacing inefficient meters.  A rate analysis is to be completed in October.


4.         Warranty Bond – New Construction:


Discussion held to decide if NKWD would consider changing Bond from 100% to industry standard of 25%.  District Attorney to draft Resolution to change policy at next Board meeting.


5.         APCA Inter-tie:


APCA to pay NKWD if in agreement will serve letter to be attached to bulk water agreement.


6.         Pay Requests:


a.         Accept Balancing Change Order #1, Lancaster #4, ($4,008.37) to Independent Drilling.


       Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second.  

       Motion approved unanimously.


b.         Pay Request # 3, Lancaster # 4, to Independent Drilling ($7,392.59).  Final release of retainage amount of $4,008.37.


       Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second.

       Motion approved unanimously.


c.         Pay Request # 3, on Lancaster #4, to Lawrence Construction ($13,002.73), representing 100% of the contract earned without retainage. 


       Director Stoller – motion, Director Grimm – second.

       Motion approved unanimously.


d.         Pay Request #6, GTE Well Improvement Project, TML Construction ($17,569.40), representing 98% of the contract. 


       Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second. 

       Motion approved unanimously.


e.         Change Order #1, Avondale Project, MDM Construction.  Modify milestone table & surface restoration adding 3 contract days to original contract.


       Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second. 

       Motion approved unanimously.


f.           Pay Request #2, Avondale Point Hayden Project, MDM Construction ($506,635.26), representing 14% of contract and stockpile material on site.


       Director Stoller – motion, Director Hern – second. 

       Motion approved unanimously.


J.         Board Members:


1.         Discussion held regarding P.O. Box vs. Mailbox on site.  Security reasons warrant P.O. Box.


       2.     Determine if Secretary to receive additional $50 to Board member fee.


K.        Adjournment:


Meeting adjourned at 4:31 p.m.


       Director Hern – motion, Director Stoller – second.

       Motion approved unanimously.






Alanna Grimm

Secretary of the Board/Treasurer