North Kootenai Water District


October 15, 2009


Board Meeting Minutes



A.        Call to Order/Roll Call:


      Meeting called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Crimmins. 


       Present:             Tom Crimmins, Director/President

                                 Richard Fairhurst, Director/Secretary

                                 Alanna Grimm, Director

                                 Jack Hern, Director

                                 Shirley Stoller, Director/Vice President


       Staff Present:      Mike Galante, District Manager

                                 Phil Boyd, District Engineer


       Excused:            Mike Ormsby, District Attorney


       Visitors:             None


B.        Consent Agenda:


1.         Minutes of 10/01/09 Board Meeting

2.         Minutes of 10/08/09 Special Board Meeting

3.         Financial Statements for September 2009

4.         Bills for September 2009


Director Stoller – motion, Director Grimm – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


C.        Oral Communications:




D.        Written Communications:




E.         Treasury Report:




F.         District Attorney – Mike Ormsby (not in attendance):


1.         Executive Session:


Not held.


2.         Resolution Setting Bond Issuance:


Pass Resolution 2009-36; $8,000,000.00 at 4.5% maximum interest.


Director Hern – motion, Director Stoller, second.

Motion approved unanimously.


G.        District Engineer – Phil Boyd, P.E.:


1.         Project Status:


Handed out and discussed 10/15/09 project status report as revised. 


               Hayden Well #2 – redesign for V.F.D. and get costs.


5.         Lancaster Well #4:


Advertise well drilling for bid.  IDEQ site approved 10/15/09.


H.        District Manager – Mike Galante.:


2.         4-S Ranch/Boot Hill Neighbor:


Let petitioners organize project.  Judy Whitmarsh wants 5+ acres on Boot Hill ~ with well ~ to be served from Dodd Road main; over 2,000’ water line easement from meter on Dodd Road.  Willing to pay fees. 


Serve secondary lots on Dodd Road with proof of utility easement to property.


Director Hern – motion, Director Grimm – second.

Ayes:  Hern, Grimm, Crimmins, Stoller

Nays:  Fairhurst


G.        District Engineer – Phil Boyd, P.E.:


2.         Capitalization Fee Review – New Ordinance:


Revise fee based Resolutions and Ordinances into one new Ordinance.


3.         The Pines at Haydenwood:


Water Rights – county approval before NKWD approval. 


IDEQ files indicate corrosive well water, high lead and copper levels and possible surface water influence. 


25 lots annexed into NKWD, 5 wells.  May expand Hayden Haven/Gem Shores water treatment plant at Pines expense and use Hayden Lake water rights.


4.         NKWD Construction Standards:


Redo construction and operational standards.


6.         Dump Truck/Passenger Car Road Loading:


Springrock Lane.  NKWD usage no more than 1 household use.  Talk to Hayden Canyon developer regarding transmission main alignment.


7.         Hayden Well #2 (added):


Approve Change Order #1 ($5,453.00).


Director Hern – motion, Director Grimm – second.

Motion approved unanimously.



H.        District Manager – Mike Galante:


1.         Walgreen’s:


Need as-built drawings, signed conveyance, and easement plus completed punch list for public water before sign-off for Certificate of Occupancy.  Store scheduled to open 10/21/09.


3.         Off-site Computer Backup:


$54.95 per year for complete daily backup.


4.         Employee Manual:


Review City of Meridian personnel manual and ICRMP vehicle use.


5.         GTE Well Remediation RFQ:


Open 10/19/09.  Approve President signing with Engineers recommendation or reject as non-responsive and negotiate.


Director Hern – motion, Director Grimm – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


6.         Selkirk Meadows:


Demo and rebuild well house with NKWD staff and contract with well driller for pump installation.


7.         Allegra Agreement:


Sign agreement for bill processing.


Director Hern – motion, Director Grimm – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


8.         SEP:


To include $42,000 reduced from original $90,000 for radio read meters, move pumps from Springrock to Chilco and VFD at Hayden Pines, all within 5 years.  Telephone conference on SEP with IDEQ on 10/27/09.


9.         Hayden Well #2 VFD (added):


Amend Task Order #08-02 ($10,400.00).


Director Hern – motion, Director Grimm – second.

Motion approved unanimously.


I.           Board Members:


Director Hern and Director Grimm to meet with employees regarding personnel matters.


J.         Adjournment:


Meeting adjourned at 4:09 p.m.


       Director Hern – motion, Director Grimm – second.

       Motion approved unanimously.



Richard Fairhurst, Director/Secretary