North Kootenai Water District


June 4, 2009


Board Meeting Minutes



A.        Call to Order/Roll Call:


      Meeting called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Crimmins. 


       Present:             Tom Crimmins, Director/President

                                 Richard Fairhurst, Director/Secretary

                                 Alanna Grimm, Director

                                 Jack Hern, Director


       Excused:            Shirley Stoller, Director/Vice President


       Staff Present:      Mike Galante, District Manager

                                 Phil Boyd, District Engineer

                                 Laura McAloon, District Attorney


       Visitors:             Bonnie Stearns, Mike Sullivan, George Sullivan, and Jerry Weller


B.        Consent Agenda:


1.         Minutes of 05/21/09 Board Meeting

2.         Minutes of 05/28/09 Special Board Meeting.


Approve consent agenda.


Director Grimm – motion, Director Hern – second.

Motion approved unanimously by those present.


C.        Public Hearing – 4-S Ranch Annexation:


Open Public Hearing at 12:31 p.m.


No oral or written comments. 


Closed Public Hearing at 12:32 p.m.


D.        Oral Communication:


1.         Agenda Item G3 – Parking Lot Lease Twin Lakes/Echo Beach:


Idaho Department of Public Land has ordered the dock moved.  Jay Lockhart, County Planner, says the zoning of the proposed parking area is “restrictive residential” and probably does not allow for parking.  Submit usage request to County to get formal opinion.  Send information notice to area property owners with request for opinion.  Cost $400 to $600 to be fronted up to $500 by NKWD.


2.         Bonnie Stearns – Independent Contractor for NKWD Accounting Department, going to change Chart of Accounts to accommodate BillMaster/QuickBooks communications to eliminate errors and reduce time required.


E.         Written Communications:


1.         Gary & Karen Hutchinson (06/02/09) wants to be relieved of excessive costs ($5,514.28) for 05/15/09 billing for long term leak under house.  Use standard forgiveness allowance policy.


F.         Treasury Report:


Handed out and reviewed updated report.


G.        District Attorney – Laura McAloon:


1.         Executive Session:


Into Executive Session at 1:43 p.m. (Idaho Code 67-2345F).


Director Hern – motion, Director Grimm – second.

Motion approved unanimously by those present.


Out of Executive Session at 2:20 p.m.

Discussed litigation and potential litigation.


2.         Sierra Club:


Presented previously approved settlement agreement for President to sign


3.         Parking Lot Lease Twin Lakes/Echo Beach:


See D1.


4.         Revenue Bond Election:


Simple majority plus one needed to pass.  Vote potentially on 08/04/09 or November, depends on State Tax Commission action on annexations.  Send out newsletter as soon as possible.


H.        District Engineer – Phil Boyd, P.E.:


1.         Project Status:


Handed out 06/01/09 status report and discussed.


2.         Avondale Waterline Surveys:


Lakes Highway District going to use reduced roadway standard because of light traffic.


Approve Task Order #09-05 ($36,870).


Director Hern – motion, Director Grimm – second.

Motion approved unanimously by those present.


Surveying to start next week.  Ask Hayden Lake Recreational Water & Sewer District for help with financing.


3.         4-S Ranch:


See 06/03/09 report.  Water system is not Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) approved, but, IDEQ says that no violation will exist.  Panhandle Health Department (PHD) did not sign off on original plat.  4-S Ranch needs a certified operator.


Twelve annexation petitions signed (9 4-S Ranch and 3 Dodd Road/Morgan Lane).  Individual water system owners must convey to association.  Conditional annexation resolution at next regular board meeting.


I.           District Manager – Mike Galante:


1.         Lakeshore Lodge:


See 06/04/09 agenda notes.


2.         Wal-Mart:


No action.


3.         Selkirk Meadows Well Pump Replacement:


No action.


4.         ITD Utility Hearing – Chilco:


No action.


5.         Special Meeting (added):


A Special Meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on 06/25/09 – tour of facilities.


J.         Board Members:


No items.


K.        Adjournment:


Meeting adjourned at 3:41 p.m.


       Director Grimm – motion, Director Hern – second.

       Motion approved unanimously by those present.





Richard Fairhurst, Director/Secretary