North Kootenai Water District


July 10, 2008





Present:            Jack Berger, Director/Vice President

Tom Crimmins, Director/President

Maimie Moore, Director

Dave Weinstein, Director


Excused:          Richard Fairhurst, Director


Staff Present:    Mike Galante, District Manager



The Board of Directors met at the NKWD office at 9:00 AM for the purpose of touring North Kootenai Water District’s water facilities.  The tour was conducted in the following order:


Twin Lakes Tree Farm Well Site:  I (Mike G) described for the Board the modifications that had taken place at Tree Farm Well #2.  I also discussed with the members the possibility of this site for a water hauler station, for bulk water sales.  I explained the new 12” water line project, and we drove by the new Twin Lakes Elementary on Rice Road.


Tree Farm Reservoir Site:   The new reservoir was observed.  The final stop on the Twin Lakes system was Echo Beach pump house and reservoir.  The Board saw first hand what we are up against in this pump station.  Carpenter ants are eating the walls.  The general agreement was that this was an old facility, Maimie thought about 50 years old, and should get on the CIP for renovation.


East Season Acres:  The Board saw the new reservoir and the existing reservoir and pump station. 


Atlas Acres:  This site has seen considerable improvement.  A new 60,000 gallon reservoir, fire pump, generator, SCADA with tie in to Selkirk Meadows, fencing around the site and xeriscaping using river rock on the site. The CAT generator was a big topic of discussion.


A drive by of Selkirk Meadows and Ranch Valley concluded this portion of the tour. 


Lancaster #3:  This site is one of the backbones of the Rimrock system.  The Board liked the cleanliness of the facility.


Lunch at Sargents.


Springrock Million-Gallon Reservoir:  The areas of repair were apparent.  Fencing this area due to vandalism is high on the priority list. 


Honeysuckle Hills:  I explained the water line project, and showed the Board members the areas that were excavated for the project.  You can’t even tell we were there. 


Hillside Main Reservoir:  Prior to the construction this site was visited by the Board.  Now completed, it is very interesting to see how a tank of this size was installed in the area permitted. 


Packsaddle Reservoir And Booster Station:  finished up the Hillside portion of the tour.   I explained the road, and the pump and reservoir work that was done here. 


GTE:  was the final part of the tour.  The Board saw where the Wal-Mart store was planned and the interior of the existing pump house was reviewed.  The surrounding property was discussed. 


The tour adjourned at 3:00 PM back at the NKWD office.



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Mike Galante, District Manager