North Kootenai Water District


July 03, 2008


Board Meeting Minutes




A.        Call to Order/Roll Call:


      Meeting called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Crimmins. 


       Present:             Jack Berger, Director/Vice President

                                 Tom Crimmins, Director/President

                                 Richard Fairhurst, Director/Secretary

                                 Maimie Moore, Director

                                 David Weinstein, Director


       Staff Present:      Mike Galante, District Manager

                                 Phil Boyd, District Engineer (12:43)

                                Mike Ormsby, District Attorney (12:46)


       Visitors:             None


B.        Consent Agenda:


1.         Minutes of 06/19/08 Board Meeting.

2.         Minutes of 06/19/08 Special Board Meeting.


Approve Consent Agenda.


Director Berger – motion, Director Weinstein – second.

Approved by:  Directors Berger, Weinstein, Moore and Crimmins.

Abstain:  Director Fairhurst


C.        Oral Communications:


Manager proposes to change from Wells Fargo and Bank of America banks to Panhandle State Bank for better service and additional benefits.


Approve change over.


Director Weinstein – motion, Director Berger – second.

Approved unanimously.


D.        Written Communications:


1.         Letter, dated 06/02/08, from Rimrock Forest Estates Homeowners Association complains about minimal water pressure.  Manager to investigate and respond.


2.         Letter, dated 06/02/08, from Charles Callis wants dual flush toilets included in water conservation rebate, up to $75.00.


Approve proposal.


       Director Weinstein – motion, Director Berger – second.

       Approved unanimously.



E.         Treasury Report:


Next meeting.


F.         District Attorney – Mike Ormsby:


1.         Wal-Mart:


Sent standard draft ‘Will Serve’ letter.  Nothing from Wal-Mart.


2.         Gozzer Ranch – Vacant Lots:


Property taxes can be charged to sewer sub-district lots, but, maybe not for water. 


Gozzer to pay for generators with no charges for vacant lots, or, NKWD to pay for generators and continue to charge vacant lots.


No vacant lot charge if Discovery puts up O&M deficient fund.


Staff to develop draft agreement.


3.         Executive Session:


Phil Boyd left meeting.  Into Executive Session at 2:45 p.m. (Idaho Code 67-2345F).


Director Weinstein – motion, Director Berger – second.

Approved unanimously.


Out of Executive Session at 3:40 p.m.


Discussed legal issues and litigation.


Phil Boyd returned to meeting.


7.         Resolution – Indemnify Board Members & Staff:


Pass Resolution #2008-21, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Board Members and District Manager.


Director Weinstein – motion, Director Berger – second.

Approved unanimously.


4.         Arrow Point Transfer Agreement:


Arrow Point needs to address EPA concerns before transfer can be completed.


5.         Sylte Agreement:


Water Right Transfer of 0.95 cfs being held up by I.D.W.S. because of need to demonstrate reasonable use.


Phil Boyd left meeting at 3:50 p.m.


6.         Conservation Plan – Water Rights:


No discussion.


8.         Resolution #2008-22 (added):


Pass Resolution #2008-22 setting Public Hearing for Capitalization Fees and Mitigation Fees for August 7, 2008 at 12:30 p.m.


Director Weinstein – motion, Director Moore – second.

Approved unanimously.


G.        District Engineer – Phil Boyd, P.E. (by Mike Galante):


1.         Forest Ridge Subdivision:


Developer agrees to Late Comer’s area as defined.


2.         Hayden Well #2:


Start date 07/07/08.


3.         Project Overview:


Revised list handed out and discussed.  Lancaster Road – start road excavation 07/03/08; south side of Lancaster did not require much blasting.  NKWD to relocate 9± meters.


4.         Water Rights:


Engineer compiling needed water rights.


H.        District Manager – Mike Galante:


1.         Walgreen’s:


No change.


2.         Arrow Point Generator/Gozzer Generator RFQ:


Delivery in 2-3 weeks.


3.         Corbin Hill Estates:


Still having underground utility problems on Highway 95.  Chilco/Athol segments put on hold until 2010(?).


4.         Lakeshore Lodge:


Add costs of generators to Will Serve letter.


I.           Board Members:


No items.


J.         Adjournment:


Meeting adjourned at 4:43 p.m.


       Director Berger – motion, Director Moore – second.

       Approved unanimously.




Richard Fairhurst, Director/Secretary