North Kootenai Water District


May 8, 2008





A.        Call To Order/Roll Call


Meeting called to order at 12:00 p.m. by President Crimmins.

Present: Jack Berger, Director/Vice President Tom Crimmins, Director/President

Richard Fairhurst, Director/Secretary/Treasurer

Maimie Moore, Director

David Weinstein, Director

Staff Present: Phil Boyd, District Engineer

Mike Galante, District Manager

Necia Maiani, District Engineer

Laura McAloon, District Attorney

B.        Agenda Items:


1.         Special Workshop Water Rates & Fees:


Engineer presented proposed new inspection fee structure, revised 2008 Capitalization Fees, revised water usage rate structure, and revised base rates for discussion.


Staff to present additional changes to rates and fees at future meeting.


2.         Adoption of Amended Bond Ordinance Honeysuckle Hills:


Item dropped from agenda.


C.        Adjournment:


Meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.


Director Weinstein motion, Director Berger second.

Approved unanimously.




Richard Fairhurst, Secretary of the Board