North Kootenai Water District


February 15, 2007


Board Meeting Minutes


A. Call to Order/Roll Call:


Meeting called to order at 12:36 p.m. by President Davis.


Present: Jack Berger, Director/Vice President

Linda Davis, Director/President

Richard Fairhurst, Director/Secretary

Maimie Moore, Director


Excused: Tom Crimmins, Director

Staff Present: Mike Galante, District Manager

Mike Ormsby, District Attorney (12:43)

Phil Boyd, District Engineer (12:46)

Visitors: None

B.        Consent Agenda:


1.         Minutes of 02/01/07 Board Meeting

2.         Bills for January 2007

3.         Financial Statements for January 2007


Approve Consent Agenda.


Director Moore motion, Director Berger second.

Approved unanimously by those present.


C.        Oral Communications:




D.        Written Communications:


1.         Trindera 02/08/07 Proposal For Gozzer Ranch SCADA System:


Gozzer Ranch to pay for SCADA upgrade. Board concerned about outstanding Gozzer bill ($18,000).


Move forward in negotiations with Gozzer.


Director Berger motion, Director Moore second.

Approved unanimously by those present.


2.         Letter From Gabriel Hern Regarding Service On Split Rock Lane.


Manager to investigate feasibility and requirements.


E.         Treasury Report:


Engineer to update for next meeting.


G.        District Engineer Phil Boyd, P.E.:


1.         SH-41 Transmission Line Twin Lakes:


Send 02/15/07 letter to Scarcello explaining that investigation shows that he does not own needed land.


2.         Gem Shores/Hayden Haven:


Hayden Lake Recreational Water & Sewer District must carry out transfer of water system to NKWD.


3.         GTE Easements:


Found recorded GTE easements. Engineer will send request for expanded parcel to GTE.


4.         Wal-Mart:


Meeting on 02/16/07 at 1:00 p.m.


5.         Dodd Road:


Staff preparing presentation for 02/21/07, at 7:00 p.m., at Hayden City Hall.


6.         Capital Improvement Plan:


Ready for next meeting.


F.         District Attorney Mike Ormsby:


Into Executive Session at 2:41 p.m.

Out of Executive Session at 2:50 p.m.

Discussed on-going and potential litigation.


H.        District Manager Mike Galante:


1.         Gozzer Ranch:


See D1.


2.         Valley Green Rate Increase:


Manager prepared answers to 02/15/07 public hearing questions. Wholesale rate for park use to be presented at next meeting.


3.         Atlas Acres:


Out to bid, opens 03/01/07. Trindera to prepare drawings and specifications for bid.


4.         Panhandle Mobile Estates:


There are 64 connections, 2 wells, reservoir, and booster pumps. Meeting to be held at 7:00 p.m. on 03/07/07.


5.         Electrician:


Ben Robinson not hired.



6.         Point Hayden Leak Repair (added):


City of Hayden Lake angry over leak repair process on Point Hayden. Attorney to write Hayden Lake regarding smoothing out procedures.


7.         Shop Truck (added):


Declare 1999 Dodge pickup surplus and sell by competitive bid.


Director Moore motion, Director Fairhurst second.

Approved unanimously by those present.


I.           Board Members:




J.         Adjournment:


Meeting adjourned at 3:22 p.m.


Director Moore motion, Director Fairhurst second.

Approved unanimously by those present.





Richard Fairhurst, Secretary/Treasurer