North Kootenai Water District


April 20, 2006


Board Meeting Minutes



A. Call to Order/Roll Call:


Meeting called to order at 12:34 p.m. by President Davis.


Present: Jack Berger, Director/Vice President

Tom Crimmins, Director

Linda Davis, Director/President

Richard Fairhurst, Director/Secretary

Excused: Maimie Moore, Director

Mike Galante, District Manager


Staff Present: Phil Boyd, District Engineer

Bob Covington, District Attorney

Visitors: Susan & Gordon Sylte

B.        Consent Agenda:


1.         Bills for March 2006.

2.         Financial statements for March 2006.

3.         Minutes of 04/06/06 Board Meeting.


Approve Consent Agenda.


Director Berger motion, Director Crimmins second.

Approved unanimously by those present.


C.        Oral Communications:


Gordon Sylte proposes a 39 lot (Phase II) subdivision, Selkirk Meadows, north of Atlas Acres that he would like NKWD to operate (including Phase I 8 lots). Needs to post $2,000.00 for feasibility study. Existing well has 0.95 cfs water right.


D.        Written Communications:




E.         Treasury Report / 3 Year Capital Improvements:


No discussion.


G.        District Manager Mike Galante:


1.         Gozzer Ranch:


Annexation progressing. Developer wants to include Squaw Bay development.


2.         Gem Shores/Hayden Haven:


Staff reviewing possible take over.


F.         District Engineer Phil Boyd, P.E.:


1.         Hillside Reservoir:


Advertised for bid on 03/20/06. Special meeting on 05/04/06, at 6:00 p.m., at site to discuss project with neighbors.


2.         Lancaster Realignment Task Order:


Proceed with design of main lowering.


3.         Croffoot Park:


NKWD to get pump, motor, meter, vault, and remove existing connection in trade for 8 on-site water main and deliver 480 g.p.m. at Lancaster property line for $0.52/1,000 gallons, to be reviewed after four years.


Director Berger motion, Director Crimmins second.

Approved unanimously by those present.


H.        District Attorney Bob Covington:


1.         Lakeland School/Ponds:


Ponds to annex and guarantee dollar participation with Letter of Credit.


2. Lancaster Well #3:

Well drillers response due April 20, 2006, but not yet received.


3.         Leisure Park:


No new action.


4.         Water Rights Sierra Club Protest:


Hearing date extended to 05/31/06.


5.         HHOA Transition:


Completed except for title report.


6.         Capitalization Fee Ordinance:


Attorney to resolve E.R. usage and calculation.


F.         District Engineer Phil Boyd, P.E.:


4.         Fox Hollow:


Deposited $2,000.00 for study. Project on east side of Rimrock Road, south of Snowberry Court. Developer needs Conditional Will Serve Letter.




16.      Packsaddle Booster Station/Reservoir Liner:


Electric not yet complete. Approve pay request for $49,501.00, less $8,030.00, plus 3 change orders, less 5% retention ($51,391.00). Hold check until all work is completed.


Director Crimmins motion, Director Fairhurst second.

Approved unanimously by those present.


President Davis left meeting at 3:16 p.m., Vice President Berger took over meeting.


Director Crimmins excused from next regular meeting (05/04/06).


I.           Board Members:




J.         Adjournment:


Meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M.


Director Crimmins motion, Director Fairhurst - second

Approved unanimously by those present.




Richard Fairhurst, Secretary/Treasurer