North Kootenai Water District

Board Meeting Agenda

July 21, 2011 12:30 p.m.





A.      Call to Order / Roll Call
B.      Consent Agenda

All matters listed within the Consent Agenda have been distributed to each member of the North Kootenai Water District for reading and study, are considered routine, and will be enacted by one motion of the Board with no separate discussion. If separate discussion is desired, that item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the Regular Agenda by request.


1.      Minutes of 07/07/11 Board Meeting


C.      Oral Communications
D.      Written Communications
E.      Treasury Report Jim Omerso
F.      Employee Matters
G.     District Attorney Brian Werst - Excused
H.      District Engineer Necia Maiani, P.E.


1.      Project Status Report (include bid status for Avondale Phase 2 Sch A&B)

2.      Avondale Phase 1

3.      Change Orders/Pay Requests

4.      Water Conservation Plan Update

5.      MOU/Lakes Highway District

6.      Facility Plan Amendment Chilco Service Area-Task Order


I.       District Manager Mike Galante


1.      Wildflower PRV/Re-zoning Rimrock Pressure

2.      Hwy 95 Chilco

3.      Carlin Bay POA

4.      Western States Block Heaters Proposal

5.      2011-2012 Budget - Update


J.      Board Members


K.      Adjournment




1.      Ranch Valley Annexation

2.      Frontier LOI

3.      Springrock MOU

4.      Twin Lakes Lake Line Replacement

5.      Hayden Canyon

6.      Revised NKWSD Construction Standards

7.      DEQ Source Water Protection Grant

8.      Company Credit Card/Rewards Program

9.      Office Property Acquisition



















Alanna Grimm